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An accomplished personal trainer, massage therapist within the Houston area.

I’ve been a part of many continuing education seminars, internships, and certification courses to help better you. I am a forever student that thrives to provide you with the most up to date information.


Group Training

Do you have that competitive edge that working out with others brings out the best in you? We offer small group training (2-6 people) for those who work out well with others, or want to work out with friends. We have fun with a mixture of cardio, strength training, competitive games, and plenty of high fives. Teamwork is what it’s all about.

Sports Training

Do you desire to be ahead of your competition? Sports training aggressively covers every need from speed, agility, endurance training, vertical leap, strength training and more. We go over proper warm-up techniques, core training, power for first step quickness and all the things needed to reduce injury and beat your opponent.

Personal Training

Do you have a certain goal you want to meet? This one on one program allows us to create a routine that is geared towards your individual needs. Personal training provides the attention needed for support and motivate one to get to your desired goals.

Weight Loss Programs

This program uses a unique approach to learning ones limits. We have a progressive protocol which takes one through strength training, intensity training, power training and nutrition. All of the ingredients needed to burn fat, and reach your desired goals.

Client Testimonials

I really love how hard Vince pushing me to better myself each and every workout. As a former collegiate athlete, Vince ensures that I continue I build upon my strength as well as maintain my competitive drive internally. He also helped me feel confident in my ability to ski after my ACL surgery.

Lauren Trueheart

As a college athlete, Vince has worked well with understanding my goals for training and has tailored my workouts to reflect these goals. He has pushed me to become better in all aspects including strength, agility, and flexibility. He also considers the different needs of my sport, including the mental toughness that I need to succeed.

Laura Napoli

I have had chronic neck pain for years. I never wanted to workout because I would always be in so much pain afterwards. Since I have started training with Vince I no longer have pain afterwards and I can feel myself getting stronger. It’s given me a better outlook on life along with a better quality of life.

Jeneesa Jackson

Vince really takes the time to get to know each client and their needs. He has been integral in helping me recover from both knee surgery and having a baby! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer who customizes your workouts to maximize the benefits and help you reach your goals.

Rachel Barski


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